taking photos in Battmbang, Cambodia

I’m Aubrey. I’m from Colorado. Things I love include Jesus, people, photography, snowboarding, mountains, rainy days, crocheted hats, writing, reading, traveling, music, and zucchini.

Since I was young, I have felt that God was calling me into missions, but I never knew what that would look like. I have always had a passion for other cultures, but I could see anywhere potentially becoming my missions field. Whether it was overseas or somewhere in the professional world at a “normal” job. Now that I take the time to look at the gifts God has given me and the passions He has put in my heart, I know that I won’t have that normal job anytime soon. I have a heart to see justice in this world full of so much evil, to see slaves freed, to see broken hearts mended, to see identities restored. I want to see women rise up and have a voice, for there to be modern day Esthers all over the planet. I want to see people from different nations, speaking different languages, eating different foods, singing different songs all loving the same God, all knowing the love of Jesus and the freedom He brings.

I’m currently on staff with University of the Nations/ Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii, working with photogenX, a ministry that uses creative media as an avenue to address social injustice and bring about change. Our hearts break for the oppressed people of the world, and we are not content to sit idly by. My roles within the ministry change based on what is needed. We research and write about various issues, take photos, lead intercession, and lots of other stuff too! Check out more about photogenX by clicking here. Find out about the YWAM base I serve on by clicking here. If there is anything else you want to know about me, please just ask!


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